Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Flash Dress, 2009

Flash light make a dress, following body shape. This print is made as actual body scale and shape, it will be engineered into body to make real gament, using digital print.

print design : changbaeseo
500x1500(without bg)

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Function Follows Form_2D Design, 2008

‘Function follows Form’ is a quotation of Postmodernism Architecture Robert Venturi. According to the way of designing products and using materials, we can give a new function or not. If we use the things which are we usually throw away in trash can, When we think a different way of designing and using, it is important not only how to make it but also, how to use it.

To design products, form and function are important factors. There is close correlation between form and function. Designers design the form of products, consumers use the functions. Same functions can be changed differently, according to form. Also, new function can be created, as form is changed. Good function can follows good design. ‘Function Follows Form’ is the combination of 3 concepts: Postmodernism, 60’s Culture, and Sustainability. Dissymmetric, mini, and recycling are key elements to design ‘Function Follows Form’ garments. Change new form of garment to use recycing materials, and the dissymmetric form of detail, shape, and line is added to mini concept.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Watermark, 2009

Watermark is the work to find my own style of illustration. Basically, I draw idea sketch on paper after then add effects, using illustrator and photoshop in computer. The concept is to give strong contrast with black and white, but black and white are connected with layered gray tone watermarks.

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Monday, 30 November 2009

ReBorn, 2003

Reborn garment was made by can-tabs, which is regarded as waste. Around 3000 can-taps were connected with thread, it was generated as reborn garment. I am still gathering can-tabs for other version of Reborn garment.

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3F Project_ Book, 2009


The ‘3F project’ is visual project by ChangBae Seo & Ethan Park. ‘Function Follows Form’ is main concept of 3F Project. We do deeply eyes down at daily objects and take new function as our project language.